Island of the Blue Dolphins

Scott O’Dell

Living by yourself is normal a dream for everyone but for this young girl it is not. As her family and tribe leaves her on her own all she can do is try to stay alive with the fear that her people will never come back. This unbelievable story will make its way to your reading list and when the day comes for it to be open, it’s adventures will touch your heart.

Busters Thoughts – I never ever want my dear Eve to leave me, even if it means I have to give up my beloved couch…wait I can’t do that what was I thinking. I know, I meant to say, I will never ever leave my couch, Eve you’re on your own!!!

  • Age 10+
  • Listen Parents – mild violence and survival theme. Parents this is a great family read aloud but please note that some of the words in this book are quite hard to pronounce because of the culture.

Percy Jackson and The Battle of The Labyrinth

Rick Riordan

If you are looking for a distinguished graphic novel to read or for an epic adventure then read this one. Half boy, half god and all hero, this teen has a lot to prove not only to his father and friends but himself. My three words once again to describe this book – extravagant, dexterous and exhilarating. ‘Honestly, blowing up another school was the last thing I wanted to do… So, it’s ‘Goodbye, sunshine; hello, darkness’ as four of us descend into the terrifying underground and beyond…’

Busters Thoughts – I love this book, probably because of the pictures but still there is nothing better than imagining myself as one of the characters, like Tyson. I know I make a great cyclops because I have been practicing. I just close one eye and run around my couch fighting off evil; until I realised, I had been chewing up Grandma’s thongs…

  • Ages 12+
  • Listen Parents –violence, mild gore, dark magic, mild injuries, demons and gods. Please be aware that this is a graphic novel meaning the book has pictures through its pages, so many images are explicit.

Instant Karma

Marissa, Meyer

If you think renegades was good well then, your mistaken because this book is the most passionate book yet! When we are partnered with our enemy there is little you can do as for Quint and Prudence, they can only try to sort it out. As your hands brush against this book you know that it is the book to read and when you do read it a new world will be formed. ‘Her new-found karmic insights reveal how thin the line is between virtue and vanity, generosity and greed, love and hate…and fate.’

Busters thoughts- They say love defeats all and, in this case, it does even though it might be a little hard on the way. Just like when I sit on the couch, our love is so strong that not one single person can get me off it, its like magic.

  • Ages 13+
  • Listen Parents – mild violence, course language, mature themes, romance (kissing) and animal rescuing

Love Stargirl

Jerry Spinelli

After reading the first Stargirl book, I couldn’t resist this one for Jerry Spinelli’s writing brings me ecstasy and exhilaration. Everyone has their journey and this time a journey has been told in the most amazing way possible. Stargirl once again shows us the way through life as a teenager and once again her pet rat helps. Praise Jerry Spinelli for his creative writing and his amazing imagination.

Busters Thoughts – No matter how inordinate this book is I still have my concerns about the rat or should I say rodent. I love this writer as much as my dear Eve does but I can not understand the rat really, it’s a rat out of all the animals in the world. I might not like the rat but at least it’s an amazing story.

  • Ages 12+
  • Listen Parents – mild violence, bulling, mild course language, romance (kissing) and strange people

Game Theory

Barry Jonsberg

This book is so intense and will give you goose bumps for the way Barry Jonsberg has written this novel shows how creative he is. This remarkable work of fiction has opened a new reading section to my book world. As soon as you win a lot of money, I tell you this, keep it a secret for this book could become real in your life. When Jamie discovers his little sister gone, his world flips upside down causing chaos to run wild.

Busters Thoughts – SPOILER ALTER!!! IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS IN THIS BOOK THEN DON’T READ THE PASSAGE BELLOW – There was this one scene that scared me to death. It was when this nasty person asked a boy to shoot his DOG! Then the person said he was joking but how could you joke about something so horrible. Dog have a right to be in the world!

  • Ages 14+
  • Listen Parents – violence, coarse language, drug reference, child gets kidnaped, romance (kissing), mature themes, scary scenes and mental health

Maze Cheat

B.R. Collins

When I first laid my eyes on this book, I felt a connection like when you see your favourite food or when Buster sees his couch. This novel is thrilling with its risky adventures that will muddle with your intelligence. Reading this book showed me that there is always more to the story then you think, not all games are safe, especially this one. What would happen if you were to enter and die in a maze? Will you come back? Or will you survive?

Buster Thoughts – This book was quite the scare, for many scenes were extremely intense and daunting but on the bright side, it has a lovely ending or was that another book we read? Oh dear, my mind escapes me, well you will just have to read it yourself and find out…

  • Ages 14+
  • Listen Parents – lots of violence, intense injuries, mature themes, mild course language, mild drug use and scary scenes  


Carl Hiaasen

When you’re in lost in the Everglades and have no idea where to go, you would want to be with the Cray family. Running with Mother Nature and its animals can be deadly, not only for the humans but for the whole world. ‘Even so Wahoo doesn’t want to be here – lost in the Everglades – especially with the slightly crazed Derek Badger, self -styled star of the Expedition Survival TV Show, on the loose along with gators, snakes, bats, and a gun -toting father out looking for his runaway daughter. It’s anyone’s guess who will survive… and who will get chomped!’

Busters Thoughts – I really enjoyed this book not because it had great wording but because it connected to me. If I ever got off the couch and was a real dog – wild and free…Nah, the couch is just too good…

  • Ages 13+
  • Listen Parents – violence, child abuse, coarse language, mild romance, injuries and mature themes


Sherryl Jordan

This book blew my mind, this novel isn’t just an internationally acclaimed award winner but one of the best books to read with the family. Rocco is lost in the middle of nowhere and can’t get back to his home. What will he do? Who will he meet? Will he survive? Only three words can describe this staggering creative work – exhilarating, overwhelming and absurd. Praise Sherryl Jordan for this novel and her ingenious writing skills that brought this to life.

Busters Thoughts – Okay, someone has to explain to me why all books start off thrilling and dramatic then always end the same way. I mean I know they want readers to be intrigued but I don’t know why they can’t start it off with a happy start. I just have to close my eyes and hide away every time…

  • Ages 12+
  • Listen Parents – violence, nudity, mild drug refences (People asking if a child has taken drugs but hasn’t) and romance (kissing)  

Sky So Heavy

Claire Zorn

Your world is bound to flip upside down when you open this book because it did for me. I love John Marsden’s writing but when I read this, I realised sadly, his books cannot compare to what Claire Zorn has created. When your coming home from school and you get a destressing call from your mother, all you can think about is what on earth is going on. Fin and his brother try to survive as their parents are lost and a missile has exploded leaving a dangerous journey ahead. 

Busters Thoughts –   Even though I was a bit scared by this novel I still love it as much as Grandmas baking, or maybe I just love the habit of trying to sneak a piece of Grandmas baking without getting caught…hahaha…

  • Ages 14+
  • Listen Parents – violence, coarse language, romance (kissing), mature themes, mild gore and injuries. Parents this book is a bit excessive because it has quite a lot of coarse language. Also, with the injuries there is one scene in the book that details wounds.

Wipe Out

Mimi Thebo

There is nothing worse than losing a family member or someone you care about. As a poor eleven-year-old boy suffers with the death of his mother all you’ll be thinking of is how sad this story is. But you know what they say, when you hit rock bottom there is only one way to go, and that up.

‘It’s a monster. A big, grey wave, white at the top…Mum is paddling like anything…I just know she is going to take it on.’

Busters thoughts – I love the ocean probably not as much as I love my couch but I still love it. I may have cried a little bit but that’s what you get when it is a sad book.

  • Ages 12+
  • Listen Parents – mild violence, mature themes, mild scary scenes and sad scenes

Book Love

Debbie Tung

If you are a book lover like me then you have to read this book no matter what the cost. Book Love exquisitely reveals a book lovers’ complete life in a small graphic novel. It is so lovely to look through anywhere and at any time. This may be the book you’ve been looking for to explain your whole life because I know it is mine. How well this author displays our secret desires, frustrations and little book lover quirks. All avid readers will see their own reflection in this one.

Busters Thoughts – I loved this book…probably because it was like a comic and not a book full of words which of course everyone knows I can’t read. It was like pondering on pictures of my Eve who is torn between her love for me and the books…Yes, I do win her favour most of the time, as long as I have my hypnotic puppy eyes on…

  • Ages 8+
  • Listen Parents – This is probably the first book ever that I have written a review for, that hasn’t had anything bad in it. Book Love is really for all ages big to small and is squeaky clean.

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

Suzanne Collins

If you haven’t started reading this book already then, I can only say one thing, you’ve lost your mind. This outstanding author who incredibly created the Hunger Games series has once again formed a book that will keep you on the edge of your couch (as Buster would say). Finally, we are able to find out how President Snow’s character was formed through the events that shaped his life.

Busters Thoughts – Just when I thought this series couldn’t get any better than it was. Oh…this is too much to handle, I’m going to grab some of Grandma’s baked goods.

  • Ages 13+
  • Listen Parents – extreme violence, mild course language, scary scenes, romance (kissing) and murder. This book is no worse than the Hunger Games series itself.


Jerry Spinelli

As most of you know, I read way too much; some say it’s a serious problem, but throughout my years of reading I have never stumbled upon a book such as this. Intriguing and mysterious, this book is the most enjoyable style I have read so far. Romance and unusual events create a world like some people have to live through today.

Busters Thoughts – I don’t normally talk about what I don’t like in books but in this book, I have one huge issue. DON’T READ THIS NEXT SENTENCE BECAUSE IT’S A SPOILER ALERT! The girl in this novel, the unusual one, she has a pet rat…OH… I said it, I really dislike RATS! Why couldn’t it have been a monkey or a spider, how disgusting a rat.

  • Ages 12+
  • Listen Parents – mild violence, mild course language, romance (kissing) and bullying

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Mark Twain

Nothing is better than reading a good book, but with this novel you’ll be reading one of the best that has ever been created. Not many people have a life like this boy, adventures call to him through the wind every morning and evening. I recommend any of Mark Twain’s books to read, they are all novels you could live off.

Busters Thoughts – I really enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed the movie, even though it is old. Stories like these keep me and my couch up all night.

  • Ages 11+
  • Listen Parents – violence, mild child abuse, murder, romance and mild scary scenes


Megan Jacobson

A deep and motivating story filling you with feelings that you never knew you had. This book will change you. Yellow isn’t an ordinary book that you just grab off a bookshelf or from the library, it is one that catches your eye and you can’t look away, aka, it’s what Buster does with food. ‘This story has such a generous heart…Yellow pulls you into the rhythms of life in a small coastal town…’ Kirsty Eagar

Busters Thoughts – Books like these bring three things to mind – One; is that I am normally excited but no one can tell because I don’t fancy moving much. Two; I get to listen and not read, and three; I get to sit on my couch.

  • Ages 13+
  • Listen Parents – violence, course language, romance (kissing), bullying, scary scenes and mature themes

Little Women

Louisa May Alcott

This novel is one of the best classical books I have ever read, it really brings joy into my heart and hopefully yours. Drama, love, heartbreaks, death and last but not least family, if you end up loving this book then you will adore the movie.  When you are in need or think everything in life is horrible then read this book, it will show you how to cheer up and also show you how good your life is compared to these girls, soon to become young women.

Busters Thoughts – I must say I am not normally an emotional dog, but this book just cracked my heart right open. I had too many emotions to bare, one minute I was crying, the next I was smiling and after I was crying again. That was because at the end I realised my couch was wet…

  • Ages 12+
  • Listen Parents – mild violence, romance (Kissing) and mature themes

Little Men

Louisa May Alcott

The sisters have all grown up and doing their own thing now. Joe is still working at her school taking in children in need. Continuing on, Little Men is kind of like a sequence to Little Women, adventure and joyfulness are the biggest stand outs in this book. There are many words in the world and only three could describe this novel in so much detail and perfection, they are: exultant, amiable and pleasant.

Busters Thoughts – I enjoyed this book more than Little Women, probably because there is more adventure then the other. Mind you, I did soak up the drama in the first book. If you are a book lover then you will love this narrative, especially if you like sitting on couches all day.

  • Ages 12+
  • Listen Parents – mild violence, some mature themes and romance

The Evolution of Claire

Tess Sharpe

We have all seen Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, if not, then what have you been doing with your time? Anyway, this book was another page turner that you won’t put down. The Evolution of Claire is a novel telling you about Claire’s past life before Jurassic World came out as a movie. It is so intriguing and intense that your eyes will probably burn like mine did.

Busters Thoughts – I remember this book. I love it, well not as much as I love my couch, but it was a great novel. It was as good as the movies, probably better, you know how readers say books are better then the movies, well in this case that it right.

  • Ages 13+
  • Listen Parents – violence, injuries, mild course language, mature themes and romance (Kissing)

47 Degrees

Justin D’Ath

A great novel for all, including adults. 47 Degrees is a book about Australia and its deadly bush fires. Unlike most countries, Australia is dry and rugged where bush fires are renowned for their destruction and course of disaster. This book demonstrates not only how hard it is to live through a bush fire but, worst of all, rebuilding life after the fire has gone. This girl’s account will touch your heart.

Busters Thoughts – I do not like fires; fires are the second thing on my list of things I dislike. If you are wondering what the first is, it is my couch being destroyed. But back to the point, fires scare me because not dog can out run one…

  • Ages 11+
  • Listen Parents – mild violence, natural disaster and some scary scenes
  • Hey Teachers – great novel for science and/or Australian history on natural disasters

The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas

John Boyne

The devastating sounds of children screaming slowly drifting over a fence that towered over many houses. This book holds painful and sad events that still occur today. War, fighting, starvation, prison camps and torture. A book to read and a book to never ever forget these accounts in history.

Busters Thoughts – Nightmares come as the words of this book float towards my ear.  All I could see is Eve being taken away by these horrid soldiers and getting locked up in a pen like the one she puts me in when I have to go outside. Wait a minute why am I upset about this, if this was to happen then she would finally realise what I have to go through when I’m outside…

  • Ages 12+
  • Listen Parents – violence, child abuse and some scary scenes. Please beware that it is an awfully sad narrative.
  • Hey Teachers – good historical fiction for secondary use to support history studies

The Starlight Watchmaker

Lauren James

I have to get this off my chest, this book was a great book but different in a very strange but good way. Lauren James maybe one of the most creative authors I have read yet, and I have read a lot of books, I mean a lot! I would say there is only three words to describe this read – mystery, thrilling and friendship. I can promise one thing if you read this, you definitely won’t forget it.

Busters Thoughts – What shall I choose, the couch or the bed, mmm…Wait you’re not typing already Eve, are you? Oh, that is embarrassing, please forget you ever heard that. Now, I’m going to say two things – Lauren and paper – with these you will get a book just like this amazing one.

  • Ages 11+
  • Listen Parents – violence and some scary scenes

The Art of Racing in The Rain

Garth Stein

It’s tough being a dog, they can’t talk nor can they tell a human if they are in pain. This story is so captivating and heart touching, you won’t be able to put it down, even if you force yourself. If stories like these where in book stores I would buy them out till my bookshelves were flooded. ‘A novel I can’t stop thinking about.’ Jodi Picoult

Busters Thoughts – When I heard this book for the first-time a little tear ran down my face, once again. I really have to stop crying through nearly every book I hear, I’m suppose to be the tough dog, this is so embarrassing…

  • Ages 14+
  • Listen Parents – mild violence, sex reference (to married people, but because a dog is telling the story it isn’t told with details), coarse language, mature themes

Tuck Everlasting

Natalie Babbitt

What if you could live forever? Life would be different, imagine how strange it would be seeing everything change year after year but you remain the same. In this novel Winnie Foster will be torn between two different worlds. Which one will she choose? Will she choose the right one? What happens if she doesn’t choose one? Will living forever be a miracle or a curse?

Busters Thoughts – Wow…this book is like being stuck in the middle with chocolate on one side and sausages on the other. Or having the couch on one side and your mother on the other, these are decisions I will never be able to make.

  • Ages 10+
  • Listen Parents – mild violence, there is a movie to go with the book.


Gail Carson Levine

How far will you go to save yourself from getting sacrificed to a god who has no existence. All this effort for something that isn’t real. Well, I don’t think anyone would want this to happen. This thrilling novel will keep you up reading, turning page after page till you get multiple paper cuts forcing you to put the book down. Always remember to put yourself before the book, who am I kidding, always put the book before yourself!

Busters Thoughts – Oh… my dear Eve, what would I do with you if you were to be sacrificed! I would make you run away with me till we were hidden from the ones who seek you. There’s only one foreseeable problem – you’ll have to carry me; my legs can’t go that far…

  • Ages 11+
  • Listen Parents – mild violence, romance (kissing) and magic

Edge of Extinction

Laura Martin

As the title implies, this story will put you on the edge of your seat while your finger nails grip the arm rest leaving permanent indents. In the pages of this novel you will find a world of adventure and action, allowing many mysteries to unfold as you read. If you love action, adventure and thriller then you are bound to love this book.

Busters ThoughtsMy dear Eve’s voice was full terror as she read with passion. I feared this ancient world would swallow her whole. As I drifted into the deepest slumber I found myself facing these giants and saving my Eve from her destruction.

  • Ages 12+
  • Listen parent – mild violence, some scary scenes, but its ok if my little brother was to take a peek, I don’t think he’d be tortured for life

Small Blue Thing


If you are in search of a book that will make you keep reading till your eyes hurt, forcing you to put it down, then you are guaranteed to enjoy this book. It is packed with many mysteries making your mind twist in amazement. Small Blue Thing is a book for readers that are into romance and drama with a hint of magic.

Busters Thoughts – When Eve read this to me, I was overwhelmed with the power of this book. The twist and turns throughout this made me nearly fall off my beloved couch, for it was not what I expected.     

  • Ages 13+
  • Listen parent – mild course language, some scary scenes, death and romance, aka kissing. I would not let under 12’s read this book if I was you, for it contains people dying


Zoe Daniels

Angel is an eye opener novel that will allow your feelings to twist and turn, forcing your stomach to roll itself inside out. During the story you will experience many overwhelming events which will allow you to feel connected to the characters. This book is for people who are into natural disasters which are based on true events.  

Busters Thoughts – My dear Eve once again read to me as I dozed off allowing my thoughts to run free. Her voice drifted into my dreams filling my thoughts with howling wind and gigantic waves that carried my couch away never to be seen again, oh! how my heart aches…  

  • Ages 12+
  • Listen parent – distressing scenes, mild injuries, a good reality check for children of the impacts of disasters within a community
  • Hey Teachers – Excellent for natural disaster study, geography, science

Two Wolves

Tristan Bancks

A book like this is packed with mystery, adventure and the greatest events that anyone could ask for. The title is deceptive as this book isn’t actually about two wolves but it is a description about two people. As John Boyne, author of The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas puts it: ‘Gripping and unpredictable, with a hero you won’t forget.’

Busters Thoughts – This suspenseful novel draws out my many memories of squeezing my chunky body under the fence to escape for a day of fun. Running wild through the forest chasing my tail and the shadows that lurk behind every shrub. I am torn between the couch and the wind in my hair as I gallop along.

  • Ages 12+
  • Listen Parents – mild violence, mild course language, some scary scenes. Don’t worry parents if little Johnny was to peek in secret, he won’t be tortured for life.

And the Ocean Was Our Sky

Patrick Ness

And the Ocean Was Our Sky, is one of the most passionate and meaningful books I have read, it has so much depth and an actual moral that can be related back to real life. This book is for readers looking for that ‘something different’ . The author of this book reflects how humanity can be when greed and selfishness creeps in, but also shows how kind and caring humans really are when they take their eyes off themselves.

Busters Thoughts – Tears poured down my face, making their way to the couch allowing a puddle to form underneath me. My beloved couch became wetter than the ocean, causing me cry even more.

  • Ages 14+
  • Listen parent – violence and gore. I wouldn’t let your children read this book if they’re under 14 for they might not understand the issues portrayed and it does contain gore.

48 Hours

(The Vanishing)

Gabrielle Lord

This is the first book of a sequence of these about two teenage inspectors. They solve crime, they unravel mysteries and help the needy, when their friends need them most they are there. The Vanishing is a book of guessing and searching not only for these two youths but for the readers as well. This book is overwhelming with its thrilling adventure.

Busters Thoughts – I have a question to ask everyone about mysteries, it’s been baffling me for a long, long, long time. When there is a mystery that occurs and hasn’t been solved, they tend to call it a cold case. I don’t get it; do they mean the actual case is cold as in the temperature or they are just making up funning words to call a lost case? Please excuse me, because I’m going to bed this question is too much for me, I can’t take the PRESSURE!

  • Ages 11+
  • Listen Parents – violence and some scary scenes   

48 Hours

(The Medusa Curse)

Gabrielle Lord

A novel with two amateur investigators solving crime within 48 hours, you can’t get better than that. Action, crime, robbers and kidnappers, this book will be able to set your mind free with the mystery of finding out who or what did the crime. In this novel the clock is ticking….

Busters Thoughts – Listening to this book made me run around the house looking for vicious thieves, disappointed, I only found the eaves that over hung the house.  

  • Ages 11+
  • Listen Parents – mild violence, mild injuries and some scary scenes

The Book Thief

Markus Zusak

A heart-breaking historical fiction like this will make you cry. Overwhelming passages, death, Nazi’s, love and books; a novel full of the most significant things you will ever experience. A must read! The New York Times says, ‘Brilliant and hugely ambitious… the kind of book that can be life changing’.

Busters Thoughts – Listening to Eve speak about the people of Germany running to hide from the bombs that fell from the sky made me open my eyes to find tears falling swiftly down my cheek. A book like this can change your definition of life.

  • Ages 12+
  • Listen Parents – violence, mild course language, mild nudity, mild injury and romance (Kissing)
  • Hey Teachers – great to use for book/movie review

The Girl from The Sea

James Aldridge

‘The sea was a Mediterranean emerald, and all around us the heavy stillness of the summers hot day was always there, as if everything about us in that beautiful bay would remain as it was forever. And there too, in front of me the creature from the sea, so perfect that I didn’t want anything in my life ever to change.’ James Aldridge. A novel like this will fill your thoughts with adventure and rough seas.

Busters Thoughts – Listening to this book filled my imagination with the glistening sea and the sound of waves crushing upon the shore. My paws splashing through the water as they moved swiftly through the waves.

  • Ages 10+
  • Listen Parents – mild violence and good book for a family read aloud

The Forever Whale

Sarah Lean

This book will show you how people struggle in their own world and how amazing they can be when they overcome their problems. Readers who read this book will be able to piece together a girl’s grandfathers’ extraordinary story to connect to his path… ‘When a story is shared then it can live on forever.’

Busters Thoughts – This book reminded me of all the good things that has happened to me for many years and hopefully many more to come. Let’s appreciate life!

  • Ages 10+
  • Listen Parents – mild violence, great book for the family

The Secret Deep

Lindsay Galvin

‘I’m not dead. But I’m…not breathing…I float up towards light. Wisps of thought…can’t catch…’ You may read novel after novel but I can say you have never read anything as extraordinary as this. There is only four words to describe this book. Thrilling. Underwater. Mystery. Exciting.

Busters Thoughts – Memories floated back to me as I listened to my mother read. The thoughts of my first-time swimming through the ocean. Paddling through the crystal-clear water making ripples with my tail.

  • Ages 12+
  • Listen Parents – violence, mild coarse language, some scary scenes. Parents, I personally feel that this book can be quite dark in the way it is written. Please read first if you are concerned   

Cyclone Tracy

Alan Tucker

This story is not about a lady named Cyclone Tracy! I recommend you not to think that, because your very wrong. 1974, was a year for old style music, crazy hair and sadly Cyclone Tracy. This cyclone was to be one of the biggest events Darwin had ever seen.

Busters Thoughts – Wait a minute Eve, Cyclone Tracy was in Darwin which I think that means cyclones are in AUSTRALIA! QUICKLY, HIDE UNDER THE COUCH!

  • Ages 11+
  • Listen Parents – mild violence, natural disasters, mild injuries and romance (kissing)

I am Juliet

Jackie French

We all know about Shakespeare’s two star-crossed lovers who die for one another because their love was too great. Well, Jackie French has had a shot at telling this story and what a job she has done. If you haven’t read the original story then I recommend you read this wonderful novel.

Busters Thoughts – Love and death, torn between two people. I really don’t know how anyone would do what they did. I mean seriously who could be that silly to kill themselves for another who wasn’t even really dead! These characters either have a lot of guts or they just aren’t that smart…umm…

  • Ages 12+ (Once again other source says 10+ but I do not agree!)
  • Listen Parents – violence, mild mature themes, references to sex in marriage and romance (kissing). I do recommend you read it first. On the plus side, you will enjoy this book too.

7 Sisters Mysteries: Trouble in Paradise

Ellen Miles

Mystery, adventure, action – life doesn’t get better without reading a good mystery. 7 sisters and one crazy mystery, can they figure it out? Will they be able to find the clues? Can they seek the victims? And can they catch the criminals? Where there is a mystery, there is a problem to solve.

Busters Thoughts – When you try to figure out a puzzle in the newspaper it is really tricky, I must say those dots to dots really mess me up. Back to the point, people who solve the unknown are way smarter than dogs like me.

  • Ages 10+
  • Listen Parents – mild violence and romance. Don’t stress parents, the romance is nothing more than having a date with someone.

Undercover Girl: Secrets

Christine Harris

When we hear the word Spy, we think of many things such as stalking someone, undercover agents, eavesdropping or a mole. These things are normally what comes up in our minds, but in this novel a spy is known as a little girl. This book is fun, intriguing and is great to read with friends or pets, it is a novel to never forget.

Busters Thoughts – This book reminded me of the time I was a spy, let me tell you my story…. As my dear Grandma was baking, little did she know I was watching her with my keen eye. She swiftly pulled the blue berry muffins out of the oven, the smell drifted through the air. As she left the kitchen I crept up to the muffins and gathered as many as I could, suddenly Grandma returned and yelled at me, then I was grounded. What a spy I am…

  • Ages 11+
  • Listen Parents – violence and a good family read aloud.


John Marsden

Let’s get one thing straight, people always ask me what’s my favourite book, well I don’t have one because it is too hard to choose, but I can say John Marsden is my favourite author. Winter is a book full of hidden secrets, just waiting to be told. Praise John Marsden for his creative form of writing for what could we do without this style. Action, mysteries, romance, hope and death. ‘For twelve years Winter has been haunted… the time has come for her to act.’

Busters Thoughts – Humm… do I want steak and sausages or sausages and steak? Oops, sorry got a bit distracted, this novel I would say it is a book to never forget. When I heard it, it was such a thrilling mystery. I must say anyone who loves John Marsden will love this book, like I love my couch.

  • Ages 13+
  • Listen Parents – violence, romance (kissing), course language and some scary scenes. I must say one thing, this book is very interesting but does have quiet a lot of swearing but overall, it is a great book.

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